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The History of Swindon Spurs

Swindon Spurs


Roman Piotrowski

The Swindon Spurs Supporters club was formed in 2003 by myself the current chairman along with work colleagues at BMW car body manufacturing plant in Swindon. With over 4,000 people working at the plant there were a fair number of lads who were Spurs fans. We often talked about the Spurs matches past and present and how much we looked forward to watching matches at White Hart Lane. This gave me the idea to contact THFC to find out the work involved, and the possible benefits in forming an official supporters club. 

When the joining pack arrived our excitement started to grow! Within it it stated that a committee needed to be formed, and all club members must join THFC as lily-white members in order for the club to become recognised. THFC expected all Clubs to be run in a professional manor something we felt capable of providing and maintain to this day. We felt confident that we could meet their criteria as we worked in Health & Safety and in administrative roles. therefore familiar with leading project teams, forming processes, procedures and work instructions etc, so took the Chairman’s role, Terry was working in administration. Terry managed a family business, therefore he became treasurer. Steve was a production manager so seemed a perfect club secretary! Thereafter, The Swindon Spurs Supporters Club was born.

The first committee meeting was set; we met and talked about the requirements of our club like a website, flag, and so on. This gave us a total monetary figure that would need to be raised to put these, what we felt essential items, in place. We took a head count of our workmates and few friends from outside the factory, which amounted to around 30. At this rate we felt that £20 was a fair adult subscription with concessions £10 Juniors U16 Free. With renewals being half the affiliation rate, (This has remained unchanged to this day).


We contacted everyone that pledged to join the club, and easily raised in the region of £600 that would pay for advertising and essential items from this the club website was constructed.

We found a club base for our committee and club meetings at The White Hart Inn, located in Stratton Swindon. That provided a good private meeting room and facilities close to the M4 & M5 access however; this all came with a Chelsea supporting Landlord and wife!  

We placed an advertisement in the local paper and our inaugural meeting became overwhelmed with Spurs supporters of all ages and levels of memberships. We started to provide transport which was welcomed by the season ticket holders and lily-white members. By the end of that season, we held a membership of over 250 that completely took us by surprise; however, we had formed a good process for ticket orders and transport schedules that continue to be improved.

After a transitional period at the Club we are starting to see the benefits of the new stadium.  The club has conducted transfer business early and excitement amongst fans is growing.. We now have a membership of around 250 and look after 30+ season ticket holders. We can see no reason why the club shouldn't grow further as our beloved lilywhites become more successful. 

The Aims and Objectives of The Swindon Spurs


An elected committee has been formed to:

  • establish, lead and maintain a supporter’s club recognised by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (“THFC”) based in Swindon and nearby areas;

  • devise and uphold the Club’s rules for the good and wellbeing of all Club members;

  • liaise with THFC in order to provide, subject to availability, home match tickets to Club members;

  • hire and manage appropriate transport to home matches;

  • organise and chair meetings to enable Club members to be kept informed of all related and appropriate news;

  • organise social events and sporting dinners for Club members and guests.


The Committee shall aim to:

  • bring together like-minded THFC supporters looking to join an organised group from within the Swindon and nearby area;

  • manage and maintain a process for Club members to buy tickets to home matches;

  • arrange regular meetings of the Club, invite all Club members to such meetings providing suitable (not less than 7 days’) notice of the date, time and location of such meetings;

  • arrange and hold an annual meeting to report to Club members on  financial and operational performance in the preceding year;

  • engage with local transport providers to establish reasonable rates, reliability and comfortable travel for Club members to home matches;

  • keep members informed of relevant news by such means as the Committee considers appropriate from time to time (for example, newsletter, the Club’s website and social media channels);

  • provide as many Club members as possible (subject to availability) with access to tickets and travel to home matches. 

Swindon Spurs
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